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 Sexual Health Guide for Men and Women
Mar 12

Skin warts are common and plentiful and hence most people seek home remedies as the first resort to check if they can be cured without any expense. The next step is to prefer the over-the-counter wart removers or turning to a doctor who can cut or freeze the wart. This would be your last option. But today most people try out the easily available wart removal products over the counter and online first before approaching more drastic measures.

Home remedies for wart removal:
1.Making sure that it is a wart: Before you try any kind of treatment, being sure that the skin eruption is a wart is essential. Warts have broken surface filled with tiny red dots, which are actually blood vessels which are supplying the wart. It is better not to confuse it with moles and skin cancer, which appear similar. While moles have a smooth, shapely bumps that are not flesh-coloured, lesions that could be skin cancer have irregular border and colour. If you are unable to make out the difference by yourself, then it is better to consult a doctor.

2.Patience in treating warts: It takes time for warts to go away. Moreover, they have a tendency to recur too. While adults and children alike are susceptible to warts, it takes longer in adults to go away.

3.Consulting doctor: Your doctor can zap it away with a laser, burn or freeze them. But only if you can afford these expensive treatments should you try them.

4.Avoid touching: Since the wart virus can spread easily from one person to another easily it is better that you don’t touch anyone or allow anyone else to touch you. Even everyday tasks such as shaving can spread flat warts on a man’s face and when you cut a wart in the process of shaving can also lead to infection.

5.Using topical solution: Natural treatment option such as Wartrol wart relief can be applied to the affected area to reduce irritation, pain and inflammation and to overcome other symptoms of the warts.


Mar 7

The kind of sexual supplements you see in the market today are very different from what was available a couple of years ago. Manufacturers are coming with all kinds of solutions and men are expecting these options to be different from what we have been already seeing around.

Semen improving supplements are some of these modern-day options that provide half a dozen different benefits. Apart from boosting confidence in bed, these supplements also increase orgasm intensity and libido.

So what are the most popular herbal blends to improve semen volume? Take a look and see which one is best for you.

Hands down, this the most popular herbal blend in market offering a combination of Butea Superba, Catuaba Bark Extract and Cranberry Extract. Butea Superba is an herbal PDE5 inhibitor that can improve blood flow to penis. It can improve nutrient availability in testes while also promoting erection strength. In fact that is the reason why many people buy Semenax in UK; it is a one of kind supplement with many benefits to offer. Take the pills daily for optimum support.

It is a different kind of supplement combining the effects of supplement to support semen volume and taste. It contains a proprietary blend of fruits such as pineapple, strawberry, kiwi and banana to improve semen producing functions of the body. In fact when taken regularly it can even improve semen odour, making women happier with oral sex.

Just like semen pills, this herbal blend to improve semen volume is also made just to work on ejaculate levels. It uses traditional Asian ingredients from the herb world and helps boost ejaculate with reproductive system support. You have to take these pills daily to start getting the benefits in just a few weeks of regular use.


Mar 3

Unlike women, infertility in men is not linked to ageing. It is caused by problems with sperm such as low sperm count, low sperm mobility and abnormal sperm size. The following are the causes of male infertility to help you know what you must tackle:

1.Damage to the testicles can cause sperm problems
2.Abnormally low levels of testosterone which is a condition called hypogonadism can also cause infertility in men

3.Few types of medications such as anabolic steroids, chemotherapy, and medicines to treat rheumatism and Crohn’s disease can also lead to fertility issues in men

4.Excess weight can affect the quality of sperm and there is immense research which shows the ill-effects of obesity and overweight on fertility

5.Drinking too much alcohol can affect sperm production. So limiting consumption to one or two pegs a day is advised.

6.Smoking is another habit that your man needs to kick away of you want parenthood. Many studies have revealed the ill-effects of smoking and its potential damage to the sperm DNA. To up the sperm numbers, improve quality, you would have to put out that butt.

7. Stress: According to NHS findings, severe stress can affect sperm production and quality. It can even affect your relationship and the number of times that you have sex. Find ways to relax and unwind yourself of daily stresses and find a therapist if you are unable to overcome it with common methods.

8.Abstinence can make you grow fonder for each other but it does not help your man’s little one. It impairs your chances of conception too. So if your man has been cutting down on sex then it’s time that you had a talk about it to understand what’s going wrong so that you end up making right use of that huge supply of stored sperm.

A decent solution to tackle fertility problems is to consider taking a natural supplement such as Fertility Blend male formula, which comes with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and loads of essential nutrients to improve your sperm health and overall reproductive health.

Natural Supplement:


Feb 28

In this digital age, you have been bombarded with advertisements which force you to believe that men suffering from erectile dysfunction have but few options to get cured. There are a few dominant brands in the market which rule the roost. Whether they work or not is a different issue altogether, but they are what most believe to be the ideal solutions to get back on track with bedroom antics. A few of them are sought after because they have regulatory approval, but how many of them work? And more importantly, how many of them do not have any side-effects? The answer is disappointing in case of both questions. So are there other erectile dysfunction treatments in UK than these old methods which do not serve the purpose?

In the past decade, there has been an influx of different kinds of products as cure for erectile dysfunction. Of them, natural dietary supplements such as ArginMax for men which comes with the power of L-arginine, vitamins and herbs such as ginseng and gingko biloba, to promote better blood flow throughout the body to help you achieve stronger and longer erections and pique healthy sexual desire.

What’s special about ArginMax?

L-arginine contains nitric oxide stimulation benefits, which makes it one of the most sought-after ingredients in male sexual supplements. This ingredient promotes blood circulation to the genitals as well as to the entire body. Ginseng is another sexual herb which is lapped up by most sexual supplement manufacturers. It is omnipresent in Chinese traditional medical history and is believed to promote positive mental and physical energies, thereby improving sexual desire.

Gingko biloba is an Asian herb which is also known to provide blood flow support. It is also known to prevent free radical damage. Apart from these ingredients, ArginMax contains zinc, folate, biotin, thiamine, selenium, and pantothenic acid, vitamins A, C, E, B-6 and B-12, which are essential nutrients required by the body and which often go missing in our regular diet.


Feb 25

Have you ever notice what happens to your body when you get sexually aroused? It is important to notice for several reasons:

1.You get a better understanding of how your body functions
2.It gives you a better chance to be more comfortable with your sexual responses
3.You will have a better idea when something goes wrong
4.As no two bodies are same, knowing your partner’s body helps you respond better to each others’ sexual needs
5.For a mutually satisfying sexual relationship it is important to know what happens when you are sexually aroused

Now that you are convinced that you should know what goes on during sexual stimulation, do you know how to stimulate your woman? Here’s a quick look at how sexual arousal works in women and how it could affect the female sexual performance:

A number of activities take place when a woman is sexually aroused. Firstly, there is increased blood flow to the genitals when the trigger is sent from brain. The vagina gets lubricated with fluid that wets the walls of the vagina. With increased blood flow, the clitoris swells and hardens, becoming more sensitive to touch. If the sexual arousal continues, the outer part of the vagina tightens and the opening becomes smaller. When close to an orgasm, the clitoris retracts and becomes less visible.

Importance of clitoral stimulation for female orgasm:
Now that you know how important clitoris is, you also know the role of clitoral stimulation. Most women require clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm. Vaginal dryness is one of the main blockages for clitoral stimulation. If the vagina does not get naturally lubricated, it is tough for a woman to mentally and physically get involved in the act. This is where you can use means like Vigorelle Clitoral Stimulation Cream, which offers lubrication without the presence of harmful chemicals. The cream is helpful in reviving lost libido and rebuilding a woman’s sexual appetite.


Feb 18

For many men, their volume of ejaculate is linked to their fertility, libido and sexual prowess. Yet, the desire to have more volume rises from vanity. Increased volume denotes increased potency and increased pleasure. The more sperm, the better chances you have of impregnation, and the larger the volume, the greater are the number of pleasurable contractions or orgasms. These are the two main reasons why men wish to increase their ejaculate volume. You even have methods to increase ejaculate volume naturally these days. Apart from certain dietary changes, there are supplements in the market which have been specifically developed to tackle semen volume issues.

Common ingredients in these supplements are amino acids such as L-arginine, L-carnitine, and L-lysine, zinc, catuaba bark, maca, pumpkin seeds and Horny Goat Weed plant, all of which are said to help semen volume by increasing your daily fluid intake. These ingredients are present in Semenax herbal pills which care for your ejaculation and orgasmic needs.

Many ingredients are known to thicken semen. Egg whites and gelatin are recommended due to their protein content. Wheat germ, omega-3 oils, selenium, and zinc, are also known to improve thickness and consistency of semen.

You can indulge in specific group of exercises that target penis performance and semen volume. Also, the frequency of sexual activity also contributes to volume so abstinence for a day or two can also help. By improving the amount of fluid and health of the sperm, the volume can get not only bigger but more pleasing and potent too. These are also essential in boosting a man’s self-esteem and confidence when he is able to produce more sperm. Sexual assertion is connected to various factors and semen volume is one of them. So it is important to build up on load to feel good and to have mind blowing sex too.


Feb 13

If you are one who enjoys oral sex then it’s a good idea to ensure that your partner does too. One of the most common complaints of women about their sex partners is the taste of the semen. Your semen taste is reflected through what you eat and it affects the flavor of your sperm. What you put in your mouth is likely to impact the flavor of your semen and sperm as it should be seen like any other body secretion. So to improve your sexual experience, you should enhance your sperm taste too. Some general diet tips can be followed to improve semen taste and smell:

1.Say yes to vegetables: It is believed that vegetarians have better tasting semen and sperm as they tend to eat natural foods rather than depend on chemicals. Avoid fast foods and foods with preservatives and additives. Cut back on dairy products. The idea is to limit foods which break down into robust tasting or smelling chemicals. Include lots of greens and fruits into your diet.

2.Water: Drink at least 2 liters of water a day to flush out toxins from the body. We need water to hydrate and push out the poisons from our body.

3.Pineapple, citrus fruits and cranberries: Drinking pineapple juice or eating the fruit is one of the finest ways to make your semen taste sweeter. Citrus fruits and cranberry make the body’s pH more acidic which help negate the alkalinity of semen thereby giving it a salty taste.

4.Wheatgrass, celery and parsley: These are great for better tasting semen due to the high chlorophyll content in them.

5.Natural supplement: Formulations such as SemEnhance semen taste changer can help you achieve the same results as it is loaded with tropical fruit flavours and high doses of vitamin C to support sexual desire, immunity and change the taste of semen radically for you to have better sexual experience.


Jan 28

I was reading some of the articles on female libido enhancement and came to know that there are indeed many choices in the market. There are more than three dozen different brands offering hundreds of variants to deal with the issues discreetly at home.

This is actually great that people have so many choices to deal with the problems but this much variety in female libido enhancement products sometimes makes customers nervous about whether should choose X, Y or Z product.

That is why I thought to introduce to you the most preferred libido boosting formulations in the market today.

  • Vigorelle Cream

When it comes to topical support systems, the name of this cream is always at the top. It is unique combination of herbal extracts that can be applied directly on vagina to stimulate clitoris and get aroused. Vigorelle cream also serves as an active lubricator to be used with or without condom during the sexual activity with your partner.

  • Gold Max Pink

You might have heard about the benefits of genuine gold max for women and why it is widely used. Also known as herbal Viagra, this pill should be taken half an hour before sexual activity for arousal and relaxation internally. The effects of this herbal blend can support your performance for up to 36 hours, which is also one of the best things about the pill.

  • Size Matters Clitoris Enhancement Kit

Clitoris arousal is integral part of sexual performance and that is exactly where is unique device can help you, unconventionally. It comes with an added vibrator for more excitement and enhancement. Handmade with medical grade ingredients, this system can be used by any woman looking for instant arousal. In fact, there are long term benefits of this female libido enhancement product with regular use.


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