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 Vaginal Tightening
Feb 25

Have you ever notice what happens to your body when you get sexually aroused? It is important to notice for several reasons:

1.You get a better understanding of how your body functions
2.It gives you a better chance to be more comfortable with your sexual responses
3.You will have a better idea when something goes wrong
4.As no two bodies are same, knowing your partner’s body helps you respond better to each others’ sexual needs
5.For a mutually satisfying sexual relationship it is important to know what happens when you are sexually aroused

Now that you are convinced that you should know what goes on during sexual stimulation, do you know how to stimulate your woman? Here’s a quick look at how sexual arousal works in women and how it could affect the female sexual performance:

A number of activities take place when a woman is sexually aroused. Firstly, there is increased blood flow to the genitals when the trigger is sent from brain. The vagina gets lubricated with fluid that wets the walls of the vagina. With increased blood flow, the clitoris swells and hardens, becoming more sensitive to touch. If the sexual arousal continues, the outer part of the vagina tightens and the opening becomes smaller. When close to an orgasm, the clitoris retracts and becomes less visible.

Importance of clitoral stimulation for female orgasm:
Now that you know how important clitoris is, you also know the role of clitoral stimulation. Most women require clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm. Vaginal dryness is one of the main blockages for clitoral stimulation. If the vagina does not get naturally lubricated, it is tough for a woman to mentally and physically get involved in the act. This is where you can use means like Vigorelle Clitoral Stimulation Cream, which offers lubrication without the presence of harmful chemicals. The cream is helpful in reviving lost libido and rebuilding a woman’s sexual appetite.


Sep 16

A loose vagina can be something that is hindering you to go the full way with your partner during sexual encounters. There are medical and surgical procedures to help you overcome this condition. But they are risky and expensive. Instead, you could choose to go for vaginal tightening techniques that are natural, to bring back fire into your relationship. Here are a few tips that can help you deal with a loose vagina:

  • If you are in menses, replace the pad as many times as possible. Do not stay with a pad all day long. This will help you keep your vagina clean.
  • Following an intercourse session, it is advised to wash the outside area of vagina with an antiseptic soap.
  • Try to change your underwear 2-3 times a day. It is also recommended not to wear underwear at night while you sleep to provide for more free air to your vagina.
  • Prefer wearing cotton underwear that absorbs sweat. It is also advised not to use a panty liner all day long. It can be used for 2-3 hours a day.
  • A pap smear once a year is recommended for those women who have had sexual intercourse and have never given birth. For those in menopause stage, Pap smear is recommended for 2-3 years interval.
  • If you desire a tight vagina, it is time for you to chuck those nylon pants, tight jeans, and leather pants. These clothing make the sides of vagina moist and such a vagina can get a fungal infection or any other disease.
  • Maintain normal weight as fat folds of vagina get closed easily and cause it to become moist.
  • Keep your health intact by supplying your body with required vitamins, energy. If you are healthy, you can have healthy sex too!

You can even try to apply ViaTight Gel being brought to you by Sexual Performance Total, which can be used as a substitute for lubrication. With natural ingredients, this formulation may help you restore the vigour in your relationship.


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Aug 5

Restoring the felling of virginity is desired by every woman for enhancing sexual pleasure for both the partners. Regular sex, child birth and age – some of the common factors that cause loosening of vaginal walls – are inevitable. However, tightening the muscles of vagina is definitely possible. As the demand for turning 18 has surged among women, reconstruction surgery for vagina has also gained popularity. They seem to be in all rage these days. However, experts have different opinion.

Most of the doctors and experts consider female vaginal tightening gel better option for getting tighter walls than surgery. Although surgeries given women a feel of permanent fix, they come with lot of risks and complications. It is not as easy and as effective as advertised by plastic surgeons.

Cons of vaginal tightening surgery

  • Surgery for reconstruction of vagina costs a fortune. They aren’t usually covered by insurance. It is not easy to find good clinics and doctors for such surgery.
  • There is a risk of complete loss of sensation in genitals after vaginal surgery. This is exactly opposite of what it is expected to do. Instead of increasing sexual pleasure, they make it extinct in some cases.
  • The procedure comes with lot of pain. Initially after few months of surgery, pain in genitals is common and intercourse gets difficult.
  • Vaginal surgery is time consuming. Minimum recovery time of six weeks is required.
  • There is no going back. As the surgery alters your topography permanently, you can’t do anything if you end up hating the results.
  • There is a risk if catching infections, damage to bowel or bladder during surgery.
  • In somecases, permanent scars on vagina are left after surgery.

Due to all these risks, it is better to consider non-invasive methods of tightening like 2Seduce female tightening gel. The formulation tightens the vagina by promoting elasticity within the pelvic floor muscles. It is completely natural and hence, has no side-effects.


Jul 8

Vaginal loosening is a common sexual problem that occurs because of ageing or vaginal delivery of child. Low stimulation during intercourse due to loose vagina can be damaging for relationships; and this is the main reason behind growing demand of vaginal tightening surgery. However, not all women can afford to shell out pounds to go under the knife. Moreover, there are lot of risks and difficulties associated with surgery. So, what are the other solutions to get a tight vagina?

Vaginal tightening gel is a safe alternative to surgery for those who are looking for effective, painless and budget method of vaginal tightening. But, before you consider gels for tightening your vagina, let’s take a look at them in detail:

What are tightening gels?
Gels for tightening vagina are natural formula that has unique ability to penetrate the skin to stimulate the inner walls of vagina. The ingredients in the gel relax nervous system and aids natural lubrication, while soothing and moisturising the skin.

Pros of tightening gel
Vagina gels like ViaTight are made of natural ingredients that naturally support the elasticity of vaginal walls. Users of gels have reported to have seen results within 3 weeks of regular use. Benefits that can be seen after using gels for tightening vagina are:

Tight vagina: With gels you can actually turn back the clock to restore the elasticity. You can enjoy intense orgasm and have better sex life.

Better lubrication: Loose vagina is sometimes accompanied with lose of lubrication. With tightening gel you can get natural lubrication, which can prevent dryness and pain during intercourse.

Increased self-confidence: Most men consider loose vagina unattractive and this can definitely destroy the self-esteem of women with loose vagina. Using the gel not only gets back the tight vagina, but also the lost self-confidence in women.

Cost-effective: Unlike vagina tightening surgery, gels easily fit in budget and don’t eat up your all the savings.


Jan 10

Human relationships are just too complicated to predict, especially when partners do not communicate openly. Furthermore, when it comes to sex and related issues, you never know what can go wrong. From body odour to dull attitude, almost anything can be a turn off for your partner. As a matter of fact, more and more men are complaining about lose vaginal walls, not to mention the incontinence problems for woman too. Vaginal tightness is associated with heightened sensitivity for both the partners and here’s why you should consider doing something about it.

  • It may help you and your partner enjoy more.
  • It may boost your confidence in bed.
  • It may enhance orgasm strength.
  • It may prevent urinary voiding.

Quite clearly, the drawbacks of loose or weak vagina are many and it may eventually take a toll on your relationship. That is why more and more women are opting for natural vaginal tightening products in UK. Although there is nothing wrong with artificial medication, it is often suggested to try things on your own first.

Kegel exercises are probably at the top of the list when it comes to vaginal tightening and you can even find some products like KegelMaster for women to support these exercises. It is essential to learn the correct way of performing these exercises which can be better done with the help of videos or pictures as opposed to words.

Plus, you can also aid the result of exercises with gels, creams and other natural vaginal tightening products. Such products offer a blend of relaxing, soothing, moisturizing and tightening ingredients. Most of such products can be applied with a massage and some can also act as lubricants during sex. Some also need to be applied deep inside with the help of an applicator device. Exercising device, gel, cream or something else, the choice is yours.


Oct 20

A lot of has been said and done in regard to what a man can do to make his woman enjoy pleasurable sex, but when it comes to what a woman can do to make her man happy in bed, a lot of essential things need to be taken care of. Most couples always employ traditional routines during sex, which can lead to boredom and steal the pleasure from lovemaking sessions. So it is always a good idea to introduce new things in bed such as trying different sex positions. This also introduces a brief interruption during sexual activities to help you enjoy a long-lasting lovemaking session. Women, who are going through menopause, can experience loss of libido and sexual response. Vaginal tightening is one of the effective methods adopted by many women after childbirth to enhance their sexual pleasures.

Discover his favourite sexual position

Usually, most couples prefer man-on-top position for better and deep penetration. Most men also prefer this position as it gives them a feeling of dominance. But sometimes they also like woman on top position to enjoy the pleasure of lying back and enjoying the ride. Female tightening can let both men and women enjoy the friction around the vaginal walls for better orgasms. To get his gratitude both in and out of the bed, you need to take time out to find what turns him on.

A range of vaginal tightening products let women be prepared for an ecstatic lovemaking session. These products are a combination of herbal extracts that not only help in tightening of the vaginal muscles, but also improves lubrication.


Oct 3

Almost every woman gets concerned about her sexual desire or libido at some point in their life, sooner or later. Majority of women feel embarrassed to discuss their ‘drooping vagina’ issue with anyone, not even with their partners as they feel that this problem can deteriorate their sexual relations. These problems get reasonably common after childbirth or even due to ageing. A lot of women, who are experiencing declined sexual desire, tend to have lowered self-esteem and confidence. They can take help of vaginal tightening methods to improve their libido.

Some women opt for surgical methods to tighten their vaginas, but most of them face an utter disappointment when they do not get the desired results or experience side effects. This can be of the reasons why these women reckon with herbal methods of female tightening to enhance their sexual gratification. With these methods, they can also perform certain exercises to strengthen their pelvic muscles. These workouts can also benefit you in performing more pleasurable intercourse for better sexual satisfaction. Tightening of vagina can help you in reaching ecstatic orgasms. Vaginal tightening products such as creams, lotions and pills are popular among women for effective results. With the natural methods of sexual enhancement, you no longer have to live a life which is not giving you a fulfilling sexual pleasure. These natural methods do not cause any major side effects. You can reap the benefits of female genital tightening without any painful surgeries. A slice of happy sex life can be achieved when you are happy from within.


Sep 2

A crucial occurrence in woman’s life is pregnancy, which brings forth a lot of changes in her body. After childbirth, she needs to cope with changes concerning her womanliness. Most women are reticent to talk regarding the changes they experience in their most intimate part, the vagina. They sometimes feel burdened with the guilt of not meeting their husbands’ sexual needs, who complain of her being loose. Couples going experiencing this problem look out for effective ways of vaginal tightening. Some of the effective products for this condition available on the market are in the form of pills, creams, and lotions.

Loss of vaginal tightness is a common problem women face post pregnancy. After vaginal childbirth, the elasticity of the tissues is lost and they tend to become lax and saggy. This deteriorates the tightness and grip during intercourse leading to decreased sexual pleasure. But the most intriguing question that hovers in the mind of lots of people is why is female tightening is an issue post childbirth. The obvious answer is that the fibrous tissues, muscles, and mucous membranes stretch to accommodate the size the baby leading to loosening of the vagina.

A lot of concerns have been associated with adopting various methods to tighten a female’s intimate part. One of the safe ways is to go for natural products that ensure effective results with no major side effects. If you are not comfortable with the idea of using creams or lotion, pills can be a better option to tighten your vagina. These products are easily available online from genuine resources to get a discrete treatment.


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